Wednesday, September 21, 2011

floors galore

its almost time for the big reveal!

i think i have already mentioned this, but finishing wood floors is awful... first you have to vacuum like 50 times (twice) and then you have to clean them again with a wet rag to get any leftover dust... then its time for stain:

we went with "dark walnut" (obviously)... this is our super organized work station:

welcome to my life... anyway, the staining process happens very quickly so i couldn't take pics during but here is a rundown:
     1. clean floors over and over
     2. smooth on stain evenly (this is super important to ensure even color) with sheep skin pads
     3. let sit 10-15 mins
     4. rub off excess stain evenly (also super important for even color)

and now (drum roll please) behold our new floors!!!!

this was after the first day and they were still super dark (i was secretly kind of freaking out), but about 3 days later the wood had soaked in the stain even more and the grain and character really started to pop:

i can't even tell you how happy i am with it... its beautiful... we sealed them with a satin polyurethane (which bubbled like a big jerk and i had to lightly sand again) and now they are finally finished!!!

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