Saturday, September 17, 2011

makin' friends

i was on my way to my house the other day to meet with some plumbers (epic story for another post), when i had to stop and head-up an emergency evacuation mission... it was very serious... i was just puttering down the road and i started crossing a bridge that goes over highway 75 (the big 8 lane highway that runs through atlanta) when i saw him.... a prefect, tiny, precious turtle scooting as fast as his little legs could carry him to nowhere land in the middle of the bridge... i have no idea how he got there and no idea how he had survived so long doing such ridiculous things... but i was not about to let him get smashed to death on my watch... no siree, operation franklin (his name) extraction was underway.

i had to wait until i got to the end of the bridge before screetching to a halt and leaping out of my car, and then i literally ran all the way across the bridge, snached up franklin, and ran all the way back (got honked at a few times but oh well)...

as you can imagine, he was a little traumatized buy the time we got home... i put him in the yard and after a while he started to come out:

so now we have a new friend in the yard... and now peter knows that when i am supposed to be doing reasonable things i am actually running the streets collecting reptiles and bringing them home.

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