The House

here it is, our dream house (aka ugly house)... the floor plans are just so you get the layout, they are not to scale... we will provide "after" photos when we have them!

                                                                    Upstairs floor plan
                                                Downstairs (Basement Apartment) floor plan
 Enter if you dare!!

                                                   Formal Living Room and Dining Room

Family Room


Hallway to Beds/Baths

Wierd Sink Space (outside of guest bath)

                                                                         Guest Bath

                                                                    Guest Bedroom 1

                                                                              And 2

                                                                      Master Bedroom
                                                                        Master Bath
                                                                 (yes they stole the sink)

                                                        Basement Apartment Entrance

                                                          B.A. Kitchen/Living Room

                                                                     B.A. Fireplace

                        B. A. Bedroom (we only have a pic of one right now, I will get more later)

 Please note some of my favorite features:
1. ruby red carpet EVERYWHERE
2. mustard yellow kitchen counters, guest bath tub, and trim in master (it looks orange in the pic but trust me, its mustard yellow)
3. the gaping holes where the appliances in both kitchens were ripped out... not just taken, RIPPED OUT...
4. and of course the fabulous panelling that happened to make it into pretty much every inch of the house