Tuesday, August 9, 2011

happy-time weekend

what a lovely weekend!! peters family came up (everyone except his little sister and her hubby who are teaching a missionary school in england... they were super-duper missed though... check out their blog here) and it was an amazing, much needed, happy-time weekend... we went to the georgia aquarium on friday... peter's sister harmony already posted a lovely recap here, go take a looksie before i continue!

having his family near seemed to put a new wind in peter's sail... as a matter of fact, he and eric (brother-in-law) managed to get the weird sink space knocked out and then tiled the whole area!! woop woop!!!
they started with the demo (sinks are peter's fav):

and then they layed the concrete backer-board:

 eric cut a hole in the wall, but i don't really know why... i guess peter told him to? i never really got an answer...

wait maybe he was repairing a hole in the wall? no one tells me anything...

now, let me introduce you to the cutest dad-gum helper ever... IZZY!! (when i snapped this photo, he was seriously pondering the hammer, but when the flash went off this was the face i got! what a professional... love that little stinker)

 izzy bee was ready for action, and even took some time to go over things with uncle petey, just to make sure they were being done right:

finally, someone gives me some answers... while the boys worked on the tile, harmony, bee, and i painted the formal living room...

look at that concentration... awesome... and check out this excellent boxer/diaper action:

oh man uncle petey changin' lives... ok back on track, peter finally got to lay the tile...

and everyone else took a lunch break...

no rest for the wicked you know... the tile is reading a bit more orange in the pics than it is in the house... its not what i dreamed of but it was on clearance at lowes and it matches the wall tile...  also, now i can get the fabulous shower curtain from urban outfitters that i have been eying(thats my rule, not peters):
here is the finished product:

this week i have to clean up the walls, paint, and grout the tile and then we can put together our bathroom!!! which will be awesome because this situation is not working for me:

yup that's the toilette (i cleaned it!) and sink in the living room... sweeeeet.

before i go i have a confession to make: i did not want to write this blog... sorry but its true... instead i wanted to sit here and stare at beautiful things on my new pinterest account!!! there is a link on my blog, check it out... it is where i will be storing all my inspiring pics and also just stuff i like... like this little guy i found:

can you handle it because i cannot.



  1. chels - the diaper boxer pics are just killing me...oh so funny! he misses you guys, as do we. love it. the weekend was too short. love you.

  2. I cry and laugh at the same time each and every time I read one of these posts. I miss you all very much and know the moments we reunite will be so sweet