Thursday, July 28, 2011

it is happening!!!!!!!!

i know i am late on my post... sorry! but i (along with pretty much everyone i live with) have been working my little tail off, and the house is actually showing signs of livability....

my great-grandmother, Mommy Ike, liked to eat her dessert before dinner... so in honor of her i will tell you about the best part first.... friday i had to work until about 1, so peter rounded up my brother chris and his BFF's benjo (my niece calls him "banjo".. adorbs) and richie and they started without me... by the time i got there something magical had happened: THE RED CARPET WAS GONE!!!!!!!

oh man, so exciting.... look at these angels from heaven:


its amazing what teenage boys will do for free food....

 unfortunately, we then had to load it up and take it to the dump... we did that saturday and once again boys showed up to help... this time my brother nick and richie (the one with NO SHOES on... *sigh*) came to help:

red carpet, i banish you!!!!! be gone!!!!!! that felt good. (for me probably not for them)

while ripping up the carpet we discovered some interesting artifacts... first, we have the original vinyl flooring in the kitchen:

i kind of like it... next, we found bits of the original carpet:

can you imagine???? i thought it couldn't get any worse than the red, but as we dig deeper into this old ugly house i am realizing it can always get worse..

you may have noticed on the pictures above that i have painted painted painted.... i went with a light gray ("misty moonstone" dreamy) and a glossy white trim for the main areas.... i am following my dreams in the kitchen and going green ("spearmint green" to be exact) here are some before and afters:

oh boy, oh boy!!! it is killing me not to put the trim up in the kitchen but apparently i'm "not allowed to" because "trim is hard"... fine, whatever....

ok i have a whole other post's worth of stuff to tell you, but i have to go to the house and meet the AIR CONDITIONER MAN!!!!!! WAHOOO!!!! i will post the rest this evening, stay tuned tough because there is an amazing ikea meltdown coming (oh yes, crying and everything) and you don't want to miss it...

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